Hein Kuhn Oh (오형근)- Photographer

Azoomma Series(아줌마 시리즈), 1997

His commercial work for film poster 'A Tale of Two Sisters', 2003
all the images from his web folio

First of all, I am not a big fan of his  commercial works although films has always been considerable Korean art films by Ki Duck Kim, Chan Wook Park , Ji Woon Kim etc..(actually, working with such a client sound really exiting)  
However, I found there is big bridge between his art work and commercial work which is too neat. My favorite of his work is Azoomma Series and Itaewon Story  they are raw, rich and crisp.(may not the right way to say) 
His strongest part is the observation, the way of seeing world. He sees the everyday life, seen in any corner, things that we overly  exposed, but he captures the narratives from with his cynical even political view.

Small Tiger

Image for T-shirt for UT Grand Prix Award. Take a look the wacky taste of Uniclo.
This year they selected look 200?? winners where I didn't get the place.