Dazed & Confused Korea March 2009

New work for Dazed & Confused Korea

Library open for everyone

Heath Library is one of my treasures,  small but beautiful place to stay. 
Daytime at public library is busy especially around newspapers rack, where you find sofas with pensioners who often fell asleep with The Times.  
The day I went to the library purely for a distraction I heard snoring, and I thought huh! 
again! who is sleeping here?... and I found this ginger cat(my favourite British red tabby!!!) on the sofa.For a second I thought almost confused with my Cicciolina but it was too distant from home Cicciolina's territory.
It is sweet that this library is also cat friendly enviroment. Library open for everyone!

Drawing Diary

Bankers in a local branch are not competent sales man, good sales person should make customers feel good to offer the product they like to sell.
But bankers are always give the impression that they can tell me what I am. and I should buy what they offer if I want to achieve something better in my life.
And one day(actually, every visit to the bank) the bankers offered me I should upgrade my account If I have that account I can have a lot of benefits. But I don't think it was nesessary for the moment  or I want it. So..

I said: Can I have brochure? so I can think about it and I will come back when I need it"
Banker said: "For instance you go out bank now and imagine you cross the road and a car crush to you. And if you have this account your family can be rewarded money from this insurance."