Hein Kuhn Oh (오형근)- Photographer

Azoomma Series(아줌마 시리즈), 1997

His commercial work for film poster 'A Tale of Two Sisters', 2003
all the images from his web folio

First of all, I am not a big fan of his  commercial works although films has always been considerable Korean art films by Ki Duck Kim, Chan Wook Park , Ji Woon Kim etc..(actually, working with such a client sound really exiting)  
However, I found there is big bridge between his art work and commercial work which is too neat. My favorite of his work is Azoomma Series and Itaewon Story  they are raw, rich and crisp.(may not the right way to say) 
His strongest part is the observation, the way of seeing world. He sees the everyday life, seen in any corner, things that we overly  exposed, but he captures the narratives from with his cynical even political view.

Small Tiger

Image for T-shirt for UT Grand Prix Award. Take a look the wacky taste of Uniclo.
This year they selected look 200?? winners where I didn't get the place.


Plants which have fragrance.
Would be nicer in screen print..


This cat lives in my neighborhood, I have seen her sometimes and greet her whenever i see her.
One night, she followed me to my flat, strangely... I thought cat doesn't follow people like this...as far as I know cat's affection & trust have to be earned..
Since then She came sometimes, these days she came more often than before, sleep over here 2-3 times a week.I can think of her owener might went for holliday?? left her behind outside the door...??? or something.. for sure the owner does'nt care much of her/his cat, her eyes dirty hairs messy.. quite rough..I am going to buy comb tomorrow.
I start to buy Sheba caned rabit,tuna ..etc.. now, she knows that she can get her quality junkie food here..which is quite sad but I try to give her real fish,she doesn't eat seabass and hairtail...arrrrrh...can't belive it..
I started to call her Cicciolina, it's actually same as Jeff Koon's wife name.....
She is not the prettiest cat in the world but she certainly has charm ans she is kind of sweet.
Obeserving cat is so much fun. But it is not easy draw..so far

Day for plants
Tree pattern, Flower pattern, grassed pumps

Window of my kitchen

Jazz Cafe at Foyles

A man with his back headless

One of my favorite cafe at west-end in London.
Their americano is so good.

雜誌魅惑 '잡지매혹' Exhibition In Seoul

MondayMorningSays zine showing in ZeroOneCenter in Seoul
27th June-17th July 2008
All images from link below
Zero One Center
Exhibition Blog

T-shirt competition

I submitted these for T-shirts competition long time ago,now I recieve the letter that I didn't get the place.
I am thinking more about how much I spent for Fedex than disappointment itself.



사모님 2

Reference image from work of  Hein Kuhn Oh the Photographer.

Hampstead Heath
one of my favorite spot.


Trees in Hampstead.
Many of them have cut or peeled off the skin from aging or infection or natural causes.


I should read more and more and more..

CRASH-JG Ballard

An illustration for the Book cover competition of Crash by JG Ballard


Work hard and hard!

Horniman Museum

I love stuffed animals, such a fun to observe animal that is still but almost(actually) real.
Horniman museum is dusty and bit spooky heaven.
Not busy as Natural history Museum wich is good for drawing really.
I found Horniman as a strange wealthy man with too many interest on everything.

The way to home


Slogan on t-shirt which I would wear


Book Cover design for competition of The last days of the Lacuna Cabal by Sean Dixon