New work is just about to's on printing now.
Cover and inside illustration for '문화편력기' essay about cultural expreience by Yonehara Mari, Japanese writer .
It is always different my work has gone to hands of the designer they make another dish.


Hey! Heysu, Lee(이혜수) said...

안녕하세요~ 멋진 작품들 잘 보고있어요! 계속 열작~아참, 그리고 표지 예뿐데요 축하드려요!

Jung said...

감사합니다~ 한국와서 첫 일이었어요!! 저 메일링리스트에 넣어주세요~ 앞으로 이벤트가 있으면 구경갈께요!